What makes Seamless1 tape hair extensions different from the others in the market place?

Seamless1 Hair Extensions are produced from 100% human hair.  The finishing process of the hair is quality controlled and meticulously monitored.  Each hair colour is individually treated by hand from an elite experienced manufacturing facility with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of hair.

The tape application is unique to Seamless1 in that it will not cause any damage and also allows the stylist to apply the extension with efficiency and accuracy.  This unique tape technology also ensures maximum security and prevents the bulky feel of the extension on your head unlike other brands.

Where does the hair come from?

Hair is sourced from all over the world. Remy human hair sourced from Virgin raw material. 

Can the hair be coloured?

Yes, the extensions can be coloured by professional hairdressers.

How do you apply the tape hair extensions to my hair?

Please refer to how to apply video

For optimum results your client’s hair must be clean and dry (avoid conditioner or styling products on the roots to mid length area).

  • 1. Section the client’s hair into rows from left to right, leaving at least 2cm from the neck and side hairlines.
  • 2. Take a section of 4cm in width x 1mm in thickness and apply the S1 Hair Extensions with adhesive facing up, underneath the sectioned piece of hair. Lower the sectioned piece of hair on top of the first S1 Hair Extensions tape tab distributed evenly over the entire surface of the tab then press gently with a tail comb. Peel off the second S1 tape tab and apply on top of the first tab / hair with the adhesive facing downward. Press firmly to ensure that 100% of the two S1 Hair Extensions tabs have been pressed together creating a firm adhesion to ensure longer lasting.
  • 3. Take your next section 1-2 inches above the last section and repeat Step 2.
  • 4. For front of the hair take a section 2 inches above the ear and 2cm away from the front hair line, to ensure the tape is not visible and to allow 8 to 12 weeks hair growth without touching the ears.  Repeat step 2.
  • 5. Cut and style as desired, for guaranteed results recommend S1 Approved shampoo and conditioner as well as care and styling products, to ensure that the tape hair extensions remain in the hair as chemicals in most brands could have a reaction to the bond.

Where can I have the extensions applied?

Only approved Seamless1 salons are able to fit you with your new look.  Please refer to Salon Locator

How often do I need to redo the tape hair extensions in my hair?

On average it is best to redo the hair between 6-12 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

How long will my extensions last?

The nicer you are to your Hair Extensions the longer they will last. Seamless1 recommend only using S1 products to ensure longevity. Generally the hair will last up to 6 months.

Can I use any shampoo and conditioner on my hair extensions?

Only S1 Organic products are recommended for optimum results.  This is because the S1 Organic range is specifically developed to ensure that your extension achieves longevity and promote healthy silky hair.  Most shampoos and conditioners in the market place contains ingredients that will cause the tape extensions to slide off the hair.

If you choose not to use S1 products, be sure to avoid products that contain Silicon, Paraben, Sulphate, solvent or oil based products.

Can I apply the hair extensions myself?

We recommend that a trained stylist apply your hair extensions.  This will ensure the life of each use, prevent any bulky feeling of the hair and naturally make you feel a million dollars!!

How do I remove the tape hair extensions?

Your trained stylist is able to remove the extension with S1 Tape Removal Spray in less than 5 minutes without causing any damage to your existing hair.

Will the tape hair extensions damage my hair.

Our unique tape technology will not cause any damage to your hair.

What are the best products to use on the hair extensions?

Your hair extension is special and thus must be cared for.  The S1 Organic hair care range was developed specifically to enhance and maximise the use of the beautifully treated hair.  The particular product/s will be recommended by your trained stylist.