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[teaser title=”Wholesale Hair Extensions” align=”left” button=”true” target=”_self” button_text=”LEARN MORE” img=”6737″ link=”http://google.com”]Reap the benefits for your business with this cutting edge product. Enjoy the added service to your clients by offering affordable tape in hair extensions. Application only takes 30 minutes and have your clients come back for more. Full service training, support provided seamlessly and receive your order within 3 business days. If you’re interested in our hair extensions enquire now to become an approved stockist. [/teaser][gap height=”28″]
[teaser title=”Quality Assured ” align=”left” button=”true” target=”_self” button_text=”Contact Us”]Seamless hair extensions are individually crafted creating the highest quality in hair and tape. Our human hair extensions are unique in its finish and colour range. It’s innovative technology stems from over 10 years of research.
We have mastered the art and science behind the human hair for your confidence. [/teaser][gap height=”28″]
[teaser title=”Product Range” align=”left” button=”true” target=”_self” button_text=”HAIR CARE RANGE”]Seamless hair extensions offer wholesale hair extensions for salons and tape in hair extensions for the public for only $189.
Seamless1 have created a specialised hair care range to enhance the life and quality of the hair extensions. The hair care range contains a unique combination of 100% organic ingredients that includes styling products, care and protect, shampoo and conditioners. Available to order Australia wide.[/teaser][gap height=”28″]